Norfin Dredging and Land Reclamation

Norfin Dredging and Land Reclamation

Norfin Offshore is a leading dredging and land reclamation contractor and maritime services provider in Nigeria. We offer a unique combination of dredgers, vessels & barges, project equipment and value to our Clients.

We have effectively developed our dredging and land reclamation business into a respected market leader position with close to 50 staff and affiliates in Singapore and India. Our Core activities are;

Capital Dredging

Land Reclamation

River Channels Maintenance dredging

Coastal Protection

Port Construction support

Norfin Dredging and Reclamation dredgers are designed, built and maintained by Norfin Offshore Shipyard, Nigeria as part of our Group integrated expansion, sustainable growth and quality deliverables to meet future demands. We have today created a new horizons for our stakeholders in the ports construction, maritime and coastal development and also for offshore infrastructure development markets.

Our Dredgers and projects equipment are readily available. Please send your enquiries to;

Norfin Dredging and Reclamation also provide Project equipment to support our Clients projects. Our equipment’s are readily available. Please contact us.