Building Strength & Capacity

Norfin Offshore Shipyard is the most modern shipbuilder and in-service ship repairs provider in Nigeria and West Africa. We are the Pioneer builder of Offshore Support and Supply vessels such as Anchor Handling, Towing and supply vessels, Platform supply vessels and security vessels in Nigeria.

Located in Akwa Ibom State, our professionals and innovative facilities provide efficient competency in new building, fabrication, repairs and servicing of vessels and offshore platforms.

Quality Service

Norfin Offshore Shipyard is a diverse maritime and offshore company with operations in Nigeria and in Singapore. For over 8 years, our focus has been on providing quality services and products to customers around the world.

We are proud to continue our long history as a trusted partner in shipbuilding, ship repairs, welding & fabrication and marine engineering. Our highly successful accomplishments include the construction of FSIV for IOCs contract in Nigeria, timely construction of 50 seater passengers ferry for inland ferry services among others.

Today, Norfin Offshore Shipyard consists of 1 x 120m graven dock, 1 x 100m slipway – all committed to the company values of Integrity, Customer Service and Pride. We make up Nigeria most extensive array of docks, slipways, steel fabrication shops, outfit and machine shops and blast and paint facilities.

We are building internationally acclaimed vessels and our commitment to health, safety and environmental excellence is recognized as being world class. We’re proud of our work and remain committed to delivering your projects on time and on budget.

Corporate Highlights

Nigeria Pioneer OSVs builder

Nigeria largest Private Sector Shipyard

First to produce highly specialized ships such as DP2 AHTS in Nigeria

First to produce Diesel Electric Dynamic Ships, Pollution Control Vessels, All Aluminum Jet Propelled Crafts

Current Order Book position of over USD 15 million dollars

Impressive Clienteles