Quality Operations

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Norfin Offshore Shipyard has a long standing ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation. Maintaining high Quality standards in all our product offerings is an integrated part of our corporate philosophy. We ensure that documentation systems that are in compliance with international quality standards are maintained at all levels within the Company.

We also implemented and continue to foster a continuous improvement certification program that focuses on our key processes which uses the latest in Six Sigma/Process Improvement tools.

Norfin Offshore Shipyard operates a Process Improvement Group including employees from a range of departments, represented by all levels of the organization including tradespeople, who are task with identifying areas for improvement, analyzing performance and implementing solutions. This systematic approach allows us to constantly trim schedules and costs without jeopardizing quality, health, safety or environmental performance

Our attention to health, safety and environmental excellence is recognized as being world-class and has been commended by our clients.

Integrity, Customer Service and Pride propel every project we undertake.


Carefully guarded, high standards

Your security is always a top priority, whether it is your vessel or crew.
At Norfin Offshore Shipyard, our facilities meet International Ship and Port Security Code standards (ISPS) and operate with accordance to international Marine Security regulations.

That means the security of your vessel is carefully guarded and you‘ll have the convenience of entering into our yard with greater ease. In addition, Norfin Offshore Shipyard is connected with the Imo River Marine Police Authority Command and Navy Control System which has added a broader scope of security from outside port limit to our yard with advantages to detect any potential security threats and prevent security incidents.

At every level of business we follow stringent security policies and procedures, offer an aggressive training program, and implement a strict schedule of regular drills and exercises.


Safety above all

In line with our corporate philosophy, Norfin Offshore Shipyard is committed and fully equipped to meet all required international standards of safety. We upholds the highest standards of safety and security, on land and at sea.

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is an integral part of our business. It ensures every project we embark on for you, is done with integrity and a commitment to the highest quality.

Norfin Offshore Shipyard has a formal Safety management system designed to bring clarity, focus and results while engaging employees to reach common safety goals. It allows us to put more emphasis and attention to developing people and improving processes. It is both a short and long term approach to leading for results. Safety improvement is pursued relentlessly daily by the Managing Director, Management team, department heads.

We strive to achieve zero lost time incidents in all of our facilities, thus we are in the business of staying safe as we put workers and the public first.


Pro-active about environmental performance

Norfin Offshore Shipyard is committed to protecting the environment. At all times and in every aspect of our business, we operate in full compliance with applicable legislation and strive to improve our environmental performance. We have carried out a comprehensive environmental impact assessment to evaluate our yard development and operations.

We continuously re-evaluate our activities and measure our performance against established high performance goals. We also educate our employees on their environmental responsibilities and teach them methods to reduce risk and eliminate potential environmental harm.

When we take on a project on your behalf, you can trust that we will carry out the work in the best interests of the environment and the people who depend upon it.

Key elements of our efforts include:

Meeting or exceeding all environmental standards for disposal

Observing off-peak power time

Social Responsibility

Strengthening our communities together

At Norfin Offshore Shipyard, we are committed to being involved in our community.

As a member of Norfin Offshore Group, the greatest contribution we can do is in providing work opportunities for the teeming youths in Africa. We understand the importance of giving back – through charitable donations, sponsorships, scholarships and the many efforts of our dedicated employee volunteers. Our commitment is creating socially responsible changes that positively benefit all of us.